Benefits for you...

  • A social support network – important if you’re finding it difficult to cope after the birth.

  • Helps you read your baby’s cues and enjoy relaxing together.

    • Ideal if you have older children or if you are looking to spend uninterrupted time with your new baby.

    • Can help with Postnatal Depression.

    • Giving a massage can help reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.



    Benefits for your baby...

    • Relaxes your baby – he can fall asleep quicker and into a deeper sleep.

    • Less fussy and unsettled during the day.

    • Reduces discomfort from wind, colic, indigestion,     constipation.

    • A gentle facial massage can alleviate discomfort from teething.

    • Eases nasal congestion and respiratory problems.

    • Keeps baby’s skin soft using natural oils - good for dry skin.

    • Massaging your baby’s back encourages her to enjoy being on her tummy and also strengthens her neck & back muscles, vital when on the move.

    • Develops a feeling of being loved, respected and secure - strengthening the parent-child bonding relationship.